Buy More Instagram Followers Fo More Visibility

The form of social media called Instagram enables the followers to like and comment on the pictures of the users. This form of media has actually influenced the gen z to believe in the concept of fame to name. the users now tend to believe that the number of likes they receive are the ultimate source of popularity to survive the rat race. Promoting hashtags, individual messaging the followers are other ways to obtain likes are so common now. Exactly for what sake? No one knows perhaps.

The power of likes on Instagram is an advertisement of self. The more you tend to understand the algorithms of what’s trending, the more popular you seem to get or what we call as an influencer now. Insta popularity is a mania now, we only want what the others have be it money or popularity or deceptions. Again, at what cost? Again, no one knows perhaps.

Why have more Instagram likes and followers?

Yes of course the number of likes on my portrayal of creativity might influence my confidence positively but again can trigger the negativity in me as well. a teen’s struggle of social comparison has actually increased the proportion of cons in comparison to pros points of Instagram likes. Most of the Instagram followers have reported to be a victim of mental health issues now. Self-deception of FOMO affects a person in so many several ways. The adverse effect of social media has an adverse effect on self-confidences. Depending on the reach of the likes, the negative effects clusters around the self-images with false expectations over body and beauty. It creates unstable insecurities and self-criticisms reacting to what we can’t have. Contexts of shallow self-presentations boozes over concerns of what people like about us and what they don’t. The pressure of being looked at in a certain way or to present themselves in a particular way is a paranoia the teens wake up to everyday.  we now don’t seem to understand our own choices and completely follow what the trend wants us to present, Be it following a certain kind of body or even in the worst case a certain kind of pretentious personality.

Cyberbullying is thus a common phenomenon now. So recently the new update of the app has suggested to hide the like counts. Unhealthy competition and unnecessary stalking might actually be abridged due to this. Regularly monitoring the teens as well could help us analyze the difficulties they are going through and boosting their morale’s on the basis of who they are might help them accept their own body images as who they are supposed to be rather than who they want to be.